Sunday, July 30, 2006

Take It Or Leave It?

A friend told me that their mother has the cutest little chihuahua and that if I want it, she's mine. I have always wanted a chihuahua, and not just because it's trendy, so I'm seriously considering this. It's also a female dog, or bitch, which is also what I want.

Should I take the plunge and adopt her? I am terribly lonely and would love the company. Oooh, I'm really considering this.


I saw Kelly Clarkson for the second day in a row. It was fun because I was able to hang out w/ some amazing friends that I don't get to see enough because we live four hours apart.

Dustin, Brian & Jorge

Dustin, Jorge, Me (all sweaty - it was fuckin' hot), Troy, KT & Mike

Honestly, though, I didn't pay too much attention to the show. I became obsessed with getting a great shot of Kelly. I don't know why, but sometimes I get all weird when taking pictures. I think I got a few good shots...

It begins...




Breakaway II

Since U Been Gone

The best pic I took

Of course, after the show, we were treated to a 2 mile (well, that's what it felt like) trek back to our car. This was taken about 20-30 minutes after the show. We were sitting around waiting for it to clear up even just a little.

And, since they built a water way (think a copycat of the River Walk in San Antonio) that surrounded the venue, the mosquitoes were out in force as we waiting to get back to our cars. Luckily, though, Troy brought enough insect repellent for everyone.

Here's video of Kelly performing Since U Been Gone

I SWEAR that's not me you can hear singing along..haha

Saturday, July 29, 2006

Walk Away

Yes, I just saw Kelly Clarkson, so that's why I have the title as one of her songs; However, that's exactly what everyone was doing when they found out these free tickets were to see the likes of Rick Springfield and Loverboy. There were so many of these in the trash. How sad. They can't even give tickets away.

As for the Kelly Clarkson show, it was actually a lot of fun. For her second to last performance, she came out closer to the people that had lawn seats (I had actual seats, but was almost in the last row - ha). As soon as they saw her pop up on the box, everyone rushed down the aisle. I couldn't believe how ridiculous some people were...shoving and pushing and all. If I had stayed, I would have been pushed right up to her, but I ducked out cause I was actually a little scared. They weren't crazy or anything, they were just walking up and shoving people instead of trying to slink their way up closer.

Here's the best picture I managed to get. I thought you couldn't bring cameras, so all I had was my camera phone. I had a few where I was closer, but there was a light shining in just the right direction so that she wouldn't appear. This pic was taken when I clawed my way back to my seat so I didn't get trampled.

Friday, July 28, 2006


Just a quick note before I head out for the weekend.

Tonight I'm celebrating my best friend's birthday (he's 29). It was actually on Tuesday, but we couldn't get together until now. He'll be here in about thirty, and I have a lot to do before he gets here. Shit, I really shouldn't be sitting here posting, but, here I am.

I'm taking him to the Kelly Clarkson concert. I can't get enough of her latest album, and have been listening to it religously for two years now. My ex refused to go to the concert last year and said I was silly for wanting to go, but now I have someone that wants to go with me, so yay!

Bright and early tomorrow morning, I am getting up and driving down to Houston. I had originally bought tickets for Kelly's Houston show for tonight, but that got cancelled and pushed to Saturday. Since my friend didn't want to go to Houston, I got tickets for the Dallas show that replaced the original Houston show. But, I had friends back in Houston that had bought tickets just because I was going, so I have to go down there. Well, not have to, as I want to. It'll be so much fun. Two nights of Ms. Clarkson. She better be damn good is all I'm saying.

Alright bitches, I'm out of here.



Thursday, July 27, 2006

You've Been Such A Bad Boy

Last night's challenge was to design an outfit inspired by one of today's hottest accessories. In his podcast, Tim Gunn said that we'd never guess what it was, although I had a pretty good idea. I think the buzz around the internet had narrowed it down to either an iPod (since they've been giving them away as prizes, it was thought to be another way of plugging Apple more) or a dog. It turned out to be the latter.

They each picked out a dog, and, (not so) surprisingly, they each kind of looked like the one they chose. I'd show pictures if I could locate better pictures of each dog. If I do find some, I'll post them.

Now that they had their dogs, the designers had to come up with a story about what kind of owner it had. Some worked:

"I imagine a Japanese business woman in the fashion industry. She travels a lot..." - Alison

Some didn't:

"She has a sporty life, but needs to dress up occasionally." - Katherine

Some were humorous:

"She's a Park Avenue gal about to go into rehab and needs someone to watch her dog for the weekend." - Robert Best

"I created a dress for young, hip girl who isn't afraid of colour. She like party. In fact, she went party last night. She got up at twelve o'clock and she is meeting her fabulous girlfriends and they are gonna have lunch and then they are gonna go shop for more fabulous clothes." - Uli (she's German, so her English isn't perfect)

And one was completely absurd:

"She's an assistant to the director of an art camp. She is throwing a birthday party for [enter dog's name here - I don't recall], the camp's mascot. The camp is for 6-12 year olds." - Angela

Keith, as I predicted, has let his win in the first round go to his head. All he did was whine about the other designers. Whine about how having to design an outfit for such a beautiful dog " so stupid!" I mean, come on. Does this arrogant ass not know what he was getting into? He had to have obviously watched Project Runway prior to applying for the show. He should have known what to expect. When it came down to it, he grabbed a bracelet off their accessory shelf and turned it into a collar, refusing to create an outfit for the dog. Creating anything for this dog to wear would only detract from it's beauty. puh-leeze.

Angela's dress was, aside from apparently being beautifully made, a wreck. For God's sake, there was no real creativity infused into it at all, as the designer looked to be wearing the same skirt. Heidi even remarked that the model "looks like she is going where you're going." Keith, who lambasted just about everyone else's design, said, and I have to agree, it looked "like a big bag of Skittles. Purple...and pink...and scary." And that ridiculous story about an assistant to a director or some load of crap. Ivanka Trump, the guest judge, was right to say that she looked like a street walker. Actually, I really loved Ivanka's comments about all of the designers and their dresses. She is very astute. I loved how she knew Keith was lying when he said that he had actually created four outfits for the dog and then opted not to go with anything at all. Finally, somebody who sees through the bullshit.

Poor Bradley. He really struggled with this challenge. I'm hoping that his mind was just elsewhere since the runway challenge would be held on his birthday, but he just couldn't get a design down. He contemplated not even sending a dress down the runway at all, but, after the model arrived and reminded him that he wouldn't be the only one affected by his decision, he scrambled to throw an outfit together. While it was completely unflattering to the female shape, both Vera Wang and Nina Garcia loved the dress. By the expression on Vera's face when the model initially walked the runway, I thought she would have said the complete opposite. And I don't fully believe that Nina loved it enough to shoot it for ELLE. I think Vera's love of the dress impacted her reaction a little. Maybe it was a birthday present to Bradley, I don't know.

In the end, though, it was Katherine that was sent home. Her dress was deemed too simple and uninspired. Although I have a feeling that if the execution of the dress had been better ("It leaves a lot to be desired..." - Nina), I think she probably would have stayed over Angela (who, once again, was in the bottom two). She definitely has talent and a future.

Auf Wiedersehen!

The winner was Uli. Despite the fact that, aside from the colour and fabric, there is very little variation on the actually structure of her dresses, this one was beautiful and deserved to win. The picture does not do this dress justice, so, if I find a better one, I will post it.

Mistress Heidi

Last Nite

We had our weekly Project Runway 3 dinner party over at Adam and Brad's (both pictured - I'm on the right). Adam and Kim prepared chicken cordon blu (and, being the thoughtful people that they are, even prepared a non-ham piece for me - thanks!!!), rice and veggies. With the exception of trying to add extra fiber by including toothpicks (I believe there were seven in mine), the dinner was absolutely amazing and made me want seconds (but that would have taken me further off my diet - just trying to maintain my weight, not looking to lose).

Thanks again, Adam and Brad, for a fun, wine-filled evening!

PS - I am working on my weekly PR3 post, look for it this evening.

Endless Celestial Sex

Kalvin over at Hello Waffles posted this, and I felt compelled to steal it from him. I had some friends that were Mormon missionaries. Once they knew that I was gay and that trying to convert me was hopeless, they were actually down to earth and amazing people. However, when they talk religion, it's very secretive. For instance, they will only give you partial answers to some questions. My favourite that we would pose was "how many Gods do you believe in?" Of course, they say only one...Jesus Christ. But then you probe a little more and you find out that they believe that you become Gods. But they won't phrase it like that, because they don't want to you to think that they believe that there is more than one God. They say, "oh, well, you have the potential to be like God." Basically, unless I'm totally off base here, they worship one God, but they believe in more than one. Which, to me, makes it not really Christianity as they say they are.

I'm honestly not trying to bad mouth the religion, I just think that maybe they should be less secretive. I think they don't let gentiles (as non-Mormons are referred to as by Mormons) know certain things simply because, quite frankly, a lot of it looks pretty bad. I mean, come on, it is kind of difficult for me to believe that Joseph Smith is a prophet and that only he was able to view the golden tablets or whatever. They also did not allow black people in their organization until not too long ago. You'll see in the video where they believe black people came from. This video is not only informative, it's also hilarious!

Here's Kalvin's post...

This video will show you what Mormons believe. There are several inconsistencies in that what is "official" Mormon doctrine today does not deny most of these statements, but it simply takes no position. Mormon prophets have said all of these other things. People will tell you that you need to research, but if you do, you will find these accurate. Enjoy!

Wednesday, July 26, 2006


Lance Bass finally decided to come out of the closet today. Does he want us to jump up for joy and tell him how brave he is? I actually heard about this the other day, but I’m just wondering who out there didn’t already know this?

Maybe it’s because I have gaydar, but could it NOT be more obvious?

Monday, July 24, 2006

Don't Feel Like Dancin'

The disco-fabulous glam-rock Scissor Sisters are back! Their new album, Ta Dah, is due in stores on Sept. 18 (UK) and Sept. 26 (US). The first single is titled Don't Feel Like Dancin', and, as is fairly evident upon listening, was a collaboration w/ Elton John. It's definitely more mainstream, in my opinion, than their previous work...although, from what I've heard, I think they'll still be offering up more of what you'd expect on the other tracks.

I love the song, but let me know what you think.

Sunday, July 23, 2006

Like It Or Not III

The deadline is Tuesday and I don't think that I'm going to have it done in time for my friend's birthday. Scratch that - I KNOW that I will not have it finished. Thankfully, I don't believe I'll see him until Friday, so that buys me some more time. Honestly, though, I really have to be in the mood to draw, and I haven't been lately. I forced myself to work on it yesterday and it just isn't turning out like I want it to. Although, after looking at the picture below, there are certain aspects of the drawing that I thought weren't working that, at least in the pic, actually look much better (the hand especially). It isn't one of my best, but I'm contributing most of the reason to working on illustration board as opposed to my sketchbook.

This is also a challenge for me because I'm forcing myself to draw beyond the face. Drawing anything below the neck has always been difficult for me. Aside from having trouble w/ proportion, I've also had trouble making it look as believable as the face. Even if this turns out to be kind of blah, at least I'm pushing myself out of my "safe" territory.

Feel free to let me know what you think...

Tiara Tara

Only because I'm a huge fan of Project Runway am I spending my Sunday evening watching the Miss Universe pageant. The winning design on the second challenge of Project Runway 3 will be worn by Miss USA, Tara Connor. This show is so bad it's almost good. Not quite, though.

The hosts are Nancy O'Dell (of Access Hollywood) and Carlos Ponce (he's so sexy, but I have a thing for Spanish men). And the always annoying Carson Kressley (Queer Eye For The Straight Guy) has to act like he's best of buds w/ Miss USA 2004 Shandi Finnessey while doing commentary. Shandi seems to only be able to make jokes about his sexual preference, and he seems slightly annoyed. The judges, as you'd expect, are full of washed up celebrities (be them actors or sports stars) and past reality TV contestants that are looking to extend their 15 minutes of fame.

They just had the evening gown competition, and I have to say that Miss USA did not work her dress. Right now, as most of the audience seems to be doing, I'm rooting for Miss Mexico.

Since I'm taking my time, Miss Mexico has failed to make it into the top five. But, Kayne (of Project Runway 3) is thrilled right now, I'm sure, because Miss USA made it. Although I do find it slightly suspicious that she made it this far. Part of me thinks that since GE owns NBC and Bravo, they made sure that she made it in.

One thing I did notice about the dress is that it made Tara Tiara actually look taller than she really is. At 5'2", she is one of the shortest Miss USAs ever. The gown did an excellent job of giving the illusion she's taller. Here's Tiara Tara (fourth runner-up for Miss Universe) wearing the winning design...

But the winner of Miss Universe is...

Miss Puerto Rico

sigh...I just watched the Miss Universe pageant. Could I be any more gay?

Friday, July 21, 2006

Feminazis & Sherbert

I meant to do this Wednesday or Thursday night, but lately I have had a difficult time mustering up the energy to do anything outside of going to work and going home.

Wednesday evening, I had Adam and Brad over and prepared a salmon dinner (see previous post). Last week I was skeptical about this season; however, that changed w/ the second episode. I didn't feel like they stuffed too much in the first ep and everything was kind of glossed over. Wednesday's episode didn't play out that way, and I feel like I have a better idea about each designer's personality. One thing I know for sure is that Keith is an arrogant ASS.

The second challenge for the designers was to create a dress for the current Miss USA, Tara Connor (a/k/a Tiara Tara), to wear during the Miss Universe Pageant. Naturally, there was a catch, and it was that they had to work in pairs. It's always interesting to see how the designers on this show work w/ others, especially when they have conflicting personalities.

Each designer did some sketches (w/ the exception of Angela – who doesn't do sketches apparently, but I think that's because she doesn't know how to design gowns) and presented their ideas to Tiara Tara. She selected the designs she liked and those seven designers were "team leaders." Those team leaders then had to choose their partners. Here were the teams:








The majority of the teams seemed to get along well enough, but, of course, there was one nightmarish pairing. That would be the groovy Vincent and the "feminazi" (as she was dubbed by another designer) Angela. As I reported earlier, Angela didn't take the time to do any sketches (she says she never does sketches - she draws insipiration from fabrics and mood) to present to Miss USA. Instead, she spent "sketch time" trying to convince Kayne to choose her as his partner. Because of this, nobody wanted to even pick her. Vincent ended up having his name drawn last to choose, so he was stuck w/ her.

would you want to work w/ her? Yeah, I wouldn't either

Vincent let the whole "team leader" thing go to his head a little and became rather stubborn, in my opinion. He kept, annoyingly, reminding Angela that "[he's] the team leader" during every dispute they had. This was his design, his dress and they were to execute his way. That did not sit well w/ Angela. She ended up not doing any work on the dress at all. She basically just sat around and complained about how it wasn't her design and she wouldn't attach her name to the dress because it isn't "different enough." So these two basically bickered back and forth the entire show, so you knew that they would be in the bottom two…which they were. Also, the dress is flawed..especially in the shoulders...

designed by Vincent

The other two that had trouble were Malan and Katherine, although it had more to do with the execution of the dress than them butting heads. They didn't see eye to eye on the design, but they didn't argue over it. But, due to the many issues w/ their gown (color, length, etc.), they ended up in the bottom two groups, as well.

designed by Malan/Katherine

The bottom two designers were Angela and Malan. Angela was there because she did absolutely nothing to assist w/ the dress and wasn't willing to work in a team. Malan was there because of the poor execution of the dress and not listening to what the "customer" wanted.

The judges decided to nix Malan instead of Angela. While I'm not a Malan fan at all (considering how transparently fake he is), I think the judges made a mistake in letting him go. He worked hard on his dress, and, even if it wasn't exactly what they wanted it to be, he at least worked hard. Angela, meanwhile, sat on her lazy ass and did absolutely nothing at all…aside from annoying Vincent. I think if you don't do the work, you shouldn't get to stay. Obviously, the judges and producers felt that producing nothing at all is better than an ugly dress being created. That, or they felt Angela would be a better source of drama in future episodes.

Auf Wiedersehen!

The winning team, was, naturally, a couple of gays. John Best and Kayne. It was Kayne design (since he was the team leader), and, it's a good thing he won considering he design pageant dresses for a living. This is actually a huge win for him. He's already the youngest pageant dress designer and now he can say that he designed a dress for the Miss Universe Pageant. Back to the dress...while Tiara Tara wanted earth tones, Kayne decided that he would go w/ a purpleish fabric that Jeffrey called sherbert. She wasn't too keen on it at first, but it eventually won her over.

designed by Kayne/John

Wednesday, July 19, 2006

It's Not Raw, It's Rare

Adam, Brad and I had a fabulous salmon dinner while watching the latest episode of Project Runway 3, but our friend Kim decided that she had better things to do. Well, Kim, you don't get off that easily. I'm saving your salmon steak until the next dinner party...

Rare meat is good for you. The doctor said so.

You think I'm kidding, Kim? I paid good money for that salmon, and you're damn well gonna eat it!

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

When You Were Young

This seems to be everywhere already, but, since I've been a fan of The Killers since before they were even signed (I know the lead singer's brother) I thought I would post a new song from their upcoming sophomore effort When We Were Young. I've seen several comments about how this song is over the top and that they are trying too hard, but I think they would have a different opinion if this wasn't an established, well-known band. I actually really like the song; however, it may take a few listens to get into it.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Let Down

I applied for a new position at work, and, I was pretty much told that the job was mine. I knew not to get my hopes up, cause there would have to be a catch. I'm actually going to have to decline the job due to the pay being considerably less than what I thought it was. I would have taken a small pay cut, but this would have impacted my current lifestyle too much. There are other factors, as well, but I'm not sure if those would have prevented me from getting the position or not.

Oh well. I firmly believe that things happen for a reason, however, I kind of wish that this week had not ended on such a sour note. It isn't just the job thing. Something else has been going on that has been emotionally draining. I think I'm just going to take it easy this weekend. Yes, that sounds like a good plan.

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Just A Thought

I was reading a post over at Adam's blog, The Kreb's Cycle, and it raised some interesting comments from his readers. One comment in particular really stuck out to me because, w/ the exception of the part about no God, it is exactly what I say when the topic of homosexuality and God come it did earlier this evening. The comment (below) was made by Hypoxic.

If there is a God, and if this God gave me life, and if this God created me gay, why would he not want me to live as he made me? And why should that be so hard for the various religions to respect. (and no, there is no "choice" in sexual orientation; we are what we are and nothing we can do will change that)

There are more sins committed in the name of God than almost anything else.

I believe that there is no God and that man has created him to help control society.

That's my view.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Best In Show

The third installment of Project Runway debuted tonight, and, I'm somewhat disappointed. This may just be that it is so soon after the last season. Or it could be that none of the designers really stand out. The "outrageous" ones seem to be watered down version of past contestants, and, for some reason, Rick Moranis is not only on the show, he's survived the first round (w/ the below dress, no less).

The two that stand out are:

Keith - My first impression of this guy was that he was cute. When compared to the other guys on the show, he's REALLY cute. After a few minutes, though, I noticed he does this thing w/ his head and neck that remind me of a turtle. So now that's all I can think of when I look at him. He may have also won the first round, but I can tell it's gonna go to his head. He's so arrogant and full of himself. I foresee some drama in the future.

Robert Best - He's adorable and cute in a not-my-type kind of way. He's also witty and sarcastic (in a good way), so, in other words, your typical gay man. He's also a spiffy little designer (he designs for Barbie). He came in second, but I really enjoyed his dress, so I hope he sticks around.

In the end, Stacey (who I know nothing about except that she started working in fashion just three years ago) was out

Auf Wiedersehen!

Winner (Keith)/Loser (Stacey)

Crying Shame

I was having lunch with a co-worker today (thai food...delicious, btw), and my eye wandered over to a television at the bar area. CNN was obviously having a slow news day, because the headline was CONVICTED MURDERERS SUE TO GET PLAYBOY AND HUSTLER IN JAIL. Now, I'm liberal and all, but aren't they being punished for killing people? Maybe I'm wrong, but there are some things that they should not be entitled to. I think it is enough that they have television. And as a taxpayer, I certainly do not want my money going toward getting a murderer's rocks off.

To some people it may sound harmless, but I think it sounds absurd that they feel they have some right to this after taking another person's life. I hope this case is tossed out.

Tuesday, July 11, 2006

On The Run

It was my second night of walking...I'm gradually building my way back up to jogging since I'm so out of shape. I almost didn't go tonight, because today was particularly stressful. But I went, and I'm glad I did. While I'm not completely relieved of my stress, it's far better than before I went.

I still miss the uneven dirt trail and the scenery (no, not just hot guys) of Houston's Memorial Park...

But I am beginning to enjoy Katy Trail here in Dallas...

One thing that Memorial Park didn't have (although it may have one now for all I know) was a Starbucks. Katy Trail runs through residential and business areas, and, in particular, leads right into Knox Street. There are lots of restaurants and shops here, as well as my evening Starbucks...

Right now, I'm walking maybe a total of 3 miles (not exactly sure), and Starbucks just happens to be at the halfway mark. So I stop in and treat myself to an iced tea green tea. Of course, eventually, I won't be stopping at all. At least that is the plan. I want to be back to jogging the entire three miles. Hopefully even more.

Well, I am exhausted. Today was a long day and I am going to get up early tomorrow, so I'm going to hit the sack. I hope all of you have a good evening.

Sweet dreams

Monday, July 10, 2006

Something So Pleasant

I used to run at least three miles practically every day when I lived in Houston. When 5 o’clock struck on a week day evening or a weekend morning, I was out the door and headed for Memorial Park. It was my little treat to myself and the one of the few things that I truly enjoyed doing when I lived there. I’d turn on my MP3 player, tune everyone and everything out and just jog.

The best part, though, was all the eye candy! There’s one section of the trail (which is actually a three mile long loop) where shirtless guys go and lay out so they can be gawked at. It wasn’t all eye candy, though. Since I was there so often, I began to recognize the other regulars. Maybe this is mean of me, but I came up w/ nicknames for some of the more comical folks. At that time, my friend and I were nicknaming everyone. We weren’t very creative w/ the names, but that was kind of the point. Here’s a run down of my favourites:

Flailing Arm Man – This guy would run the entire track while spinning both arms in a circular motion.

Tin Foil Lady – A rather large woman that dressed (head to toe) in really shiny silver, baggy work out clothes. She even had a matching hat to top it all off w/.

Constipated Man (my favourite!) – The expression on this man’s face looked like he hadn’t shit in a week. If I was in a foul mood, seeing him somehow always lifted my spirits.

Because of my current work schedule, I don’t jog like I used to. And I really miss it. When I do go it’s never at the same time, so I don’t see the same people. Because I don’t see the same people, I don’t really get motivated to go back out. I’m not sure why this is. Maybe I just like consistency in my life.

This week I’m working somewhat normal hours, so I’ve promised myself that I will go for a jog at Katy Trail every night when I get home. Tonight was the first night, and I had a lot of fun. I know it may sound silly to say that I actually had fun walking/jogging by myself, but I did. It made me think about the old days back in Houston, and all the regulars that I miss seeing so much. My schedule may soon change to roughly the same hours, and I’m really hoping that they do now. I saw some people that I have a feeling will become my new regulars. Believe it or not, I think I may have found Constipated Man’s son! He’s not quite as backed up, but just enough to bring a smile to my face. Actually, I really just enjoyed being outdoors exercising w/ a lot of other people again. I don’t think Katy Trail can ever compare to Memorial Park (for one thing, there’s no area for the shirtless guys to lounge around at), but it’ll do for now.

Friday, July 07, 2006


This year started off on a low note, but, just past the halway mark, I've realized that my life has really turned almost completely around. Today, in particular, I am feeling strong (emotionally). Really strong. Like I'm ready to take on whatever is thrown at me. I'm sure this high will be fleeting (no, not being pessimistic, just realistic), but, for the moment, I'm really content.

Anyway, cause I feel all tough today, I thought I would post one of my favourite tracks from Show Your Bones, the latest effort from New York City based Yeah Yeah Yeahs. It's called Warrior. The subject matter (feelings of homesickness while on the road touring) may not fit how I feel, but at least the title does.

Tuesday, July 04, 2006

So Good

Adam got all patriotic this fourth of July. He made a delicious angel food cake w/ blueberries, strawberries and whipped cream for dessert. Doesn't it look divine?

Of course, I just wasn't feeling the love for America today, and protested:

I'm joking. I just don't like fruit (w/ the exception of tomatoes and avacados).

This is the last big meal I'm eating for a while. We have had far too many dinner parties lately (thank you Mavericks). While I enjoy them, my waistline doesn't. At least I went out on a high note. Adam whipped up some delicious burgers and hot dogs, Kim made some potatoes (carbs..yum!) and Brad whipped up some adult beverages (which definitely hit the spot).

Adam - Thanks again for making a delicious meal and for always being so considerate of my diet (no beef or pork, on top of the whole fruit thing).