Monday, October 30, 2006

Dress Up In You 06.10

Artist: Keane
Original Artist: U2
Track: With Or Without You

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Come As You Aren't

Last night was the annual Halloween block party here in Dallas. They block off "The Strip" in the gayborhood and everyone (gay, straight, young, old) packs the street. Some are dressed up, others are just there to view the mayhem. Adam, Brad, Dorothee, Jay, Karlo, Terrance and I partook in the whole mess.

Adam and Brad dressed up as the Mario Bros. and were a smash! They couldn't take two steps w/o someone telling them their costumes were great and/or getting their picture taken. Yes, there were other Mario Bros. out there, but Adam and Brad really were the best of the lot.

Here are some pics from the night:

Adam & Brad (a/k/a - Luigi & Mario)

Mario, Luigi & Captain Jack Sparrow


Mario & Luigi w/ an adoring fan (she's a pig in a blanket)

Mario, Luigi, Count Chocula & Frankenberry

Karlo & me

Daniel & Jose (as trailer trash lesbians)

Dorothee & Jay (as Billy The Kid and Billy The Kid's Girlfriend)


Clark Kent/Superman

One Night Stand


My friend Shotsey...I didn't even recognize him, as he usually has a beard..oh, and he's usually not in drag. lol

Thundercats HO!

When Gumby Attacks!

Thursday, October 26, 2006

You're A Champion, Charlie Brown

I've been searching for this SNL skit for years and I finally found it today. I was having a rather frustrating day today, but finding this changed all of that. It's HI-larious! Go on now, laugh your ass off...

State Fairies

This Sunday, a bunch of us went to the closing day of the State Fair Of Texas. While I have lived in Dallas for four years now, I had never gone until this year. I didn't enjoy spending $13 to enter to find out that I had to also pay to ride any of the rides or do pretty much anything other than walk around. But I ended up having a good time because of the company. Here are some pics:

Big Tex - A State Fair Of Texas staple


Armando makin' luv to the jeep Wrangler

Terrance w/ his new dream vehicle - The four door Jeep Wrangler

The whole gang...just met most of them, so can't name everyone