Friday, September 29, 2006

Change Of Opinion

I know earlier that I thought the winner of Project Runway would be between Laura and Michael. However, after looking at the designs over and over, I am surprisingly leaning more toward Laura and Jeffrey. Jeffrey really surprised me with his runway. It isn't like anything he showed during the previous challenges, and I kind of like it. Michael's street safari seems a little too tacky now, whereas previously, I think I was choosing not to see that since I want him to win. I'm still hoping they declare him the winner, though, as I think he tremendous potential.

Alright, I'm out of here. My mother flys in tomorrow, so I probably will not be posting until she leaves on Sunday. I'll be sure to post pictures from the walk.

Have a wonderful weekend all!

Thursday, September 28, 2006

The Gayborhoodies

This Sunday, October 1, is the 2006 Dallas AIDS Arms LifeWalk. Adam, Brad and I are heading up a small group that we have christened The Gayborhoodies. Thanks to generous donators/supporters, such as Hypoxic, we have raised more $1600. With each of those dollars, we will hopefully get that much closer to finding a cure. But that isn't all a donation is good for. It also goes to support those in the Dallas area that are suffering from the disease. So know that if you are so inclined to make a contribution, your money is going to a worthy cause and is going to help someone that needs, and deserves, the help.

To make a secure online donation using either your credit or debit card, please click our group's logo below.

Dress Up In You 06.07

Don't get me wrong, I adore Lauryn Hill. What I don't care too much for, though, is her version (the original) of Ex-Factor. Then I stumbled across a live version that John Legend recorded while on Jo Whiley's Live Lounge on BBC Radio 1. If anyone could make me like a song, it is certainly Mr. Legend. That sexy voice makes me melt every time I hear it. So, in anticipation of his new album Once Again, here is his Ex-Factor.

Track: Ex-Factor (Original Artist: Lauryn Hill)

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Put Your Records On 06.07

Much to my delight, I received an advanced copy of Sam's Town by The Killers this morning. It's the much hyped follow up to the band's multi-platinum Hot Fuss. The lead singer, Brandon Flowers, has even touted it as the best album released in the past twenty years (in his defense, he's really proud of his work and knows now to keep such thoughts to himself). With all the hype and it being their sophomore effort n' all, I was assuming the worst. I gave it a quick listen to before heading off to work, and I think it's actually really great. It is still very Killersesque, but it is trying to be bigger and more epic where the last one veered a little more pop. Here are a few of the stand out tracks:

Track: Bling (Confessions Of A King)

Track: Bones

Track: For Reasons Unknown (my favourite so far)

Track: Sam's Town

Track: Read My Mind

Track: This River Is Wild

Because I'm friend's w/ Brandon Flowers' brother (I don't allow that to affect my opinion of their work, though) and have been a fan since before they were even signed, I strongly urge you to go out and buy this CD when it is released on October 2, 2006 in the UK and the following day (October 3) in the US. Click HERE to purchase it if you are in the UK or HERE if you are in the US.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Chad Fox


Got It So Good

The moment that my ex cashed his half of the deposit check for the apartment we shared is the moment that I became free of him. While I didn’t know it at the time, he actually cashed it yesterday. It’s weird, because yesterday was an incredible day. I was on a natural high all day and couldn’t attribute it to anything. Now I know.

For those not in the know, my ex (we were together for three years and I ended it back in August of ’05) is an alcoholic Republican that has internalized homophobia. I allowed him to crush my spirits and self esteem, let him not only endanger my life but those of others (he would drink and then drive) and he scared away most potential friends (by getting drunk). He has attempted to kill himself twice since Memorial Day, and is now in treatment and AA out in California. Because I care for him, I wanted to help in any way that I could. However, I realized that he will only continue to suck the life out of me. With his last suicide attempt, I supplied his family with all of the information that he was withholding from them and then washed my hands of him. Actually, I started to. My mother still has a relationship with him, so she was up here caring for his dog and I was still waiting on the aforementioned deposit check.

To make a long story already short, I feel a renewed since of joy. In the past year, I have met the love of my life, made some incredible friends and I have changed so much (for the better). I think I’m the happiest with myself that I’ve ever been. Now I just need to find a man…I mean one that isn’t already in a relationship.

Track: Jamelia - Got It So Good

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Everybody Wants The Same Thing

The four remaining designers on Project Runway all want the same win. Initially, I had referred to Uli's runway as a mess, but, after viewing it a few more times, I've decided it isn't nearly as bad as I thought. I still think it's going to come down to Laura and Michael, though. Let me know what you think...

Dress Up In You 06.06

Lily Allen is the daughter of Keith Allen and is currently experiencing success in the UK w/ her number one single, Smile. She’s preparing to storm North America this month with an EP and a full album in late January. While, from what I’ve heard, her style is more British Rap, this girl has a lovely voice that she showcases on her cover of The Kooks’ Naïve.

Track: Naïve (original artist: The Kooks)

Put Your Records On 06.06

The long awaited and heavily anticipated follow up from Scissor Sisters, Ta-Dah, has finally arrived. While I was initially turned off by it, I’ve given it a few more spins and it’s really growing on me. It seems far tamer when compared to their debut, but that could be due to Elton John’s presence. All in all, it’s a good album showcasing a more accessible Scissor Sisters.

Track: Might Tell You Tonight

Continuing The Trend

One would think that Heidi would want to look her best at Fashion Week and, especially, at the Project Runway show that she would be speaking at. But, I guess she figured she's looked horrible all season, so why stop now...

One more reason to hate Project Runway's partnership w/ Macy's.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Couldn't Resist

If you couldn't tell by now, I LOVE Project Runway. So it should be no surprise that I couldn't resist when it came to viewing the designs from the final four at Fashion Week this past Friday. From what I can tell and in my opinion, it looks like it is going to come down to Laura vs. Michael. Uli's looks quite the mess, but Jeffrey didn't do half bad. I don't think Jeffrey made the final three, though.

Not sure if I should post the pics here yet, as some people (like Adam) don't want it spoiled. Let me know, if enough people want them posted here, I will do so.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Over The Rainbow

It was a wet and dreary day, but the gays came out in full force for Dallas' Gay Pride!

A few months after all the others, but better late than never, right?

Darin, Adam & Brad

Garnet & Dustin - my guests for the weekend

Bruce Vilanch!!

This actually passed as a float

Sunday, September 17, 2006


Dallas Gay Pride 2006

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Six Fags Over Texas

It was GAY DAY at Six Flags Over Texas, and Adam, Brad, Darin and I, being the whores we are, were there. I must say that there wasn't as much eye candy as I'd like, but something tells me that's just because I'm seeing them in broad daylight instead in the deceiving dark lit club. Oh well, here are some pics...

Darin & Gossamer

Brad and Adam scoping out the guys

While I was checkin' out Passenger Guy (he was in the passenger seat of the car next to us as we entered the parking lot)

Unlike Clint (inside joke)

Ms. Pac-Man eyeing dinner

Good times, good times: Brad, Darin & Adam


Darin goes bull riding...

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Last evening’s Project Runway was…interesting. Maybe it was the lack of caffeine, but I was actually really ticked off while watching it. The challenge was to design a cocktail dress using only black and white fabrics…and they had to use all of the fabric, including scraps, that they purchased. The twist, however, was that two contestants that were auf’d were brought back and given another chance to make it to Fashion Week. Those two were the much loved (ha!) Angela and Vincent. The one stipulation to continuing on was that they had to actually win the challenge.

I did not like this surprise at all. True, Heidi had informed the designers that there would be added benefits to winning a challenge, but I feel that if you are auf’d you should remain that way. Yes, I would feel the same way even if they had brought my Alison back.

Most of the show was spent being too annoyed by this to focus much on the show. I will say that, not surprisingly, the two designers that were given second chances did not rise to the occasion. Angela was ambitious in her design, attempting to take risks. Ultimately, though, those risks did not result in a design that worked. She had this jacket (similar to her Macy win, but…) with this crazy collar. The look was supposed to be modern and Victorian/Edwardian, but, it was poorly executed. We initially thought that the model’s belly was protruding, but then quickly realized that it was just the design of the dress (since it is unlikely the model has much of a belly). And to top it off, she stuffed all the extra fabric in a purse and tried to call it lining. Thankfully, the judges asked her to open it and saw what she had really done. Angela was once again auf’d.

Vincent, as usual, had issues. First off, his design was far too basic. White on top, black on bottom. But there were bigger problems with the dress. For starters, it was poorly executed. The model he initially had was in an accident and was not able to make it to the runway, so he had a new model (w/ different proportions) that he had to make it work for at the last minute. The top was too small and the zipper broke, so he was forced to sew it on her. Since they had to use all of their material, he had a long, hideous wrap that the judges, thankfully, found revolting. Vincent, too, was auf’d again.

Kayne is a talented designer, well, at least he has potential. He just needs to work on his taste level if he expects to break from the pageant world. If he doesn’t plan on doing that, though, he really has nothing to worry about. Regardless of whether he wins or not, he is going to have so much business when all is said and done. I mean, he designed the friggin’ dress for Miss USA. Everyone in the pageant world is going to be beating down his door. As for this dress this challenge…well, his taste level was once again in question. In fact, it was initially veering too close to streetwalker territory until Michael intervened, but even that wasn’t enough to rescue it. The front ultimately turned out fairly decent, but it conflicted too much w/ the back. He had gone overboard with the black fabric and had to work in a white bow at the last minute since the challenge called for both black and white fabrics.

Michael, on the other hand, has proven to the most consistent among the designers. I never have to worry about seeing the same outfit in a different variation. You may know that it is a Michael design because of the hip hop influence, but he offers enough variety so that each garment seems like a fresh look. This challenge was no different. He may have faltered for the first time last week, but he bounced back this episode. He made a sleek white dress w/ an 80’s vibe, but still very modern. He used excess black fabric to make flowers that he adorned the black belt w/. And, as Nina noted, he knows how design the entire look – from head to toe. This was my favourite dress, but I may be a little biased since he’s now my favourite w/ Alison out of the picture. He’s just so darn nice that you can’t help but like him.

The remaining three designers are all stuck in a rut, with only one showing any signs of breaking out of the box. They tend to either produce variations of the same outfit or are incapable of veering from a certain style.

Jeffrey needs to stop with the whole rock n’ roll thing. I understand that this is what he does, but he needs to get it through his head that in order to win this competition that he entered into he has to show variety. The judges are looking for him to bring some elegance into his pieces, and he just isn’t delivering. Personally, I did enjoy his winning design from last week. I thought it was fun and interesting, and, even if you didn’t like it, it was still better than what everyone else produced. This week’s dress, though, was a wreck. One of the things the judges are impressed with is if they make the outfit look more expensive than what it cost to make, and this one really looked like it was cheap.

Uli is guilty of not being able to stop making an Uli dress. I’ve said it from almost the start – she knows how to make the same dress with different patterns. It’s grown very dull and I’ve lost almost all interest in her. I still like her personality and all that, but design-wise I’m pretty much over it. Oh, and what FUCK is up w/ those, what, sleeves? I don't know what you'd call them, but it just ain't right.

Laura, Laura, Laura. The hormones have taken over, and it was very evident when she broke down crying over an issue with her dress. I like Laura because she has never been afraid to speak her mind and not restrain herself. She very direct and tells it like it is. It was odd seeing this other side of her. Because the judges lambasted the last outfit because it wasn’t young enough, she was obsessing over making this outfit young. I think she got so caught up in it that she was having trouble realizing how amazing her dress was. Laura is the one out of the three that have a style you recognize as their work, but I feel she is trying to break out of that mold. The end result was a very elegant baby doll dress. It also became her very first win! Now, the make-up job is a whole other story...

And with every win, there is a loss. Kayne was sent home, and I had no problem with that decision. His taste level has been in question from the start and I never really felt that his talent was worthy enough for a runway show at Fashion Week. So the remaining four, who will all be presenting their stuff tomorrow, are: Jeffrey, Uli, Laura and Michael.

Auf Wiedersehen!


Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Put Your Records On 06.05

I had expected more from Beyonce and haven't been all too impressed with Rihanna, so I was pleasantly surprised when I heard the new album from Jamelia. If you haven't heard from her, it's probably because you reside in the US. A few years back, she was blowing up the UK charts with a string of hits (DJ/Stop, Thank You, Superstar, etc.). She has changed her style up this time around, distancing herself from that last album and embracing a funkier form. Compared to some other mainstream crap that is being tossed out there these days, this is a welcome change of pace. The track I have posted here is Ain't A Love. Enjoy!

Dress Up In You 06.05

There are very few songs by The Beatles that I actually enjoy. At least performed by them. I prefer their songs performed by other artists for some reason, and this is a perfect example why. Five years ago, just days after 9/11, there was a John Lennon Tribute that had several musicians performing songs written by the late artist. Cyndi Lauper was one of those musicians. She performed Strawberry Fields in Central Park and I couldn't help but fall in love w/ her rendition. Take a listen for yourself, and, hopefully, you'll see why.

Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Put It Behind Me

I’ve been rather neglectful of my blog, I know, but I really needed some time away from a few things. The case I was a juror on had a bigger impact on me than I had hoped it would, and I’ve been trying to keep my mind off of it. Thankfully, I’ve been successful, at least for the most part.

You may recall that on the first day of jury duty I caught a really cute guy check me out. Well, I came across his profile on MySpace and decided to send him a message. Since then, we’ve spent a lot of time hanging out. He’s an incredibly sweet, easy-going and sexy guy, but, for reasons I’m not going to get into here, I doubt that this will evolve into anything more than a friendship. Right now, I’m really enjoying actually being interested in someone else. When my last relationship ended, I was afraid that my intense feelings for my ex would hinder any future boyfriends. I don’t want to be in a relationship if I’m still in love with someone else…it wouldn’t be fair to the other person. I’ve been that other person, so I know first hand that it isn’t fun. But, in the brief time that I’ve know this new guy (lets call him ‘T’), I noticed that I haven’t really been thinking about my ex. For me, this realization that I can move on is just what I’ve been needing.

So, that’s basically what I’ve been up to lately. Just hanging out w/ friends (not just T) and keeping my mind of certain things. I promise to post on a far more frequent basis now that I’m in a better place emotionally.

Hope everyone has been doing well.

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Put Your Records On 06.04

The band is Scanners and the song is Lowlife. Since I'm busy catching up at work (was off all last week) and I have dinner plans this evening, I'm going to steal a review:

"For a band sharing its name with the sci-fi flick that brought us the most famous exploding head scene ever, Scanners' music not only eschews blood and guts gore, it avoids even the slightest speck of dirt. Although the quartet rubs elbows with England's post-punk ilk, this ditty's rooted rather firmly in today's conventional, manner-minding indie pop. Skipping along on a baby Built to Spill riff, Sarah Daly backs up the Chrissie Hynde comparisons with an emotionally strong and confident delivery, and those majestic strings in the chorus only help enhance the Hynde likeness. As garden variety as this track is, 2006 hasn't seen too much straightforward indie done so effortlessly-- maybe that's why Daly sounds like she's howling "this is alone" over and over."

Sour Candi

One of the prosecutors that was on the case I was a juror for last week called this morning to inform me that Candi, the mother of the little girl, was also sentenced to life! This was wonderful news, at least for me, since she was the one that initiated the abuse and would hold the child down while things were being done to her.