Thursday, June 29, 2006


Our French friend, Ben, decided to have a BBQ tonight. Here's the evening in photos:

We didn't have matches...

...or a spatula! Yes, they used the fork Adam is holding

but some of the flamers were able to brave the flames

Flame broiled...look at all the juices (ewww!!)

Well done on the outside

not so on the inside

But that didn't stop our host from having a bite

Good friends, good (?) food, good times

Kim and Aurelie (above - and obviously before the food poisoning kicks in)

Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Secret's In The Telling

Today I received some really great news. It isn't big news for anyone other than me, but it's something that I have wanted to happen for a while now. It just couldn't be better timing. I can't talk about it at this point since I don't want to jinx it, so I just won't say anything else. Okay, one more thing:


Saturday, June 24, 2006

I'm Not Dead

Okay, okay, I’ve taken too long of a break. While it isn’t an excuse, I have been far busier these past two weeks than I think I have ever been. I haven’t had one free night since three Fridays ago. I’m not complaining, either. I’ve met some very interesting people, made some new friends and spent much needed quality time with existing friends.

First thing’s first. If you haven’t noticed already, I designed the logo for The Gayborhoodies, the group Adam and I are forming for the Dallas AIDS Arms LifeWalk. Now that I have that done, my intentions are to be a little more aggressive in promoting the cause and raising money. If you feel obliged, please feel free to donate by clicking here or on the logo in the right hand column.

Speaking of the AIDS Walk, I need to send out a heartfelt thank you to a few people that have made generous contributions to the cause already.

Hypoxic – thank you, thank you, thank you. This guy not only made the first two donations, he also came up with challenge via his blog (visit it if you haven’t already) and got others to contribute by matching up to $400 total. So thank you again, you are amazing.

I also want to thank Tony, Flip and Jimmi. Thanks to your more than generous donations, we were able to not only meet, but exceed our goal far earlier than ever anticipated. In fact, we’ve had to set a new goal.

Basketball is something I never thought I could ever get into. However, I was invited to a party for the second game of the finals, so I thought I would give it a shot. How bad could it be, really? I was shocked to find myself actually getting into it and looking forward to the next game. I should give credit where credit is due. I don’t think I would have enjoyed it as much had I not been in the company of Adam, Brad, Kim and their friends/co-workers. They made it far more entertaining and interesting. Now I can’t wait for the new season to start.

I’ve also been to the movies four times in the past two weeks. I’ve seen X3: The Last Stand, Nacho Libre, Cars and An Inconvenient Truth. The former two were pretty much let downs. Not a complete waste, but just your typical summer fluff that doesn’t live up to previous films (X-Men, X2 and Napoleon Dynamite). The latter two; however, proved to be surprisingly interesting.

The trailer for An Inconvenient Truth made me want to see the movie, but, knowing that it was more of a documentary, I was weary of just how interesting it would be. And while I’m sure most people don’t want to go to the theatre to think, I urge you to go out and support this. If you don’t want to sit through the movie, then at least go to and learn what you can do to prevent global warming. Believe it not, we do have the power to change the direction we are taking the world in.

On a lighter note, if you prefer escaping from the world for a couple hours, I recommend Cars from Disney/Pixar. Unlike An Inconvenient Truth, the trailers for this film did not make me want to rush out and see it. But I was hanging out w/ my friend David for the first time in a year and a half (outside of our daily Starbucks breaks – we work together), and we wanted to see a movie. Since nothing looked interesting, we opted for Cars because it didn’t look to be as bad as the others. Plus, it was 10 p.m., so there wouldn’t be any annoying little children. We were both shocked to find that this was, aside from being visually stunning (as most Pixar films are), it was a really good movie (I LOVE Luigi, the yellow car that owns the tire store).

I think people, including myself, have brushed this movie off too easily, so I’m hoping that word of mouth will give it long legs at the box office. I know that the theatres are being flooded with computer animated films and they have pretty much lost the drawing power they initially had, but Pixar continues to rise above the rest. They produce not only stunningly beautiful animation, but a story that has broad appeal. They really make movies for everyone, not just one demographic.

Following up on a previous post, I finally talked to my friend. It was about something he already knew and that I already knew he knew, but I had to say it for myself. And while I didn’t get to say everything that I wanted to, I got the most important thing out. It went well.

And to help Kelly over at Rambling Along In Life...With A Stern Point Of View reach his goal of having 100 blogs w/ this picture on it...


I know this is a long entry, so I’m going to wrap it up now. I thought I would leave you with my favorite song of the moment. It’s from a French rock band called Phoenix. They aren’t new or anything, but this is a new song called Long Distance Call. Press play to give it a listen to, hopefully you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

I Want To Be In Love

This is my favourite song. Ever. I remember the day that I first heard it. My sister-in-law at the time had just moved to Dallas and was hanging out watching some television. I came out from the bedroom and she had just flipped the channel to CMT. They have this show called Crossroads where they pair up a country singer and a not-so country artist (usually someone adult contemporary or rock-lite, but very country accessible). The pairing this time was Dolly Parton and Melissa Etheridge. And the song they had just begun playing was ‘I Want To Be In Love,’ which was written by and originally recorded by Etheridge. I had never heard the original version, but Dolly made this hers.

Now, I’m a hopeless romantic (which means I'm also a fool), so that’s the main reason I love this song. I have always wanted to be in love. It is, for me, the biggest high (but, then again, I’ve never done drugs, so what do I know).

The other reason is that I really appreciate Etheridge (lesbian aspect aside, I can really relate to a lot of her songs) and adore Parton (I’ve been a fan since I was a wee lil’ one – even been to Dolly World). This was an amazing combination.

Yes, I never tire of this song. And yes, I get all giddy when I listen to it. It’s exactly what I want. I want to be in love! Okay, I am, so I guess I want them to be in love with me. Just hit play and give it a listen to:

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Say It Right

Tonight I was the most calm internally than I have been in a while. I usually feel all wound up and I have to work hard to appear relaxed. Yet, when presented with the opportunity to discuss something that has been on my mind for a while with the person that I have been wanting to talk to, I still found myself unable to. I am a pretty open person. I have no trouble answering nearly any personal question I’m presented; however, sitting someone down and talking about something that has been on my mind (something deep, not anything like a movie, book, etc.) proves to be a rather challenging task.

I will go over and over it in my head. I’ll know exactly what I want to say and how to say it. Yet, when the time comes, I just fumble over my words. I’m usually (over) analyzing what I’m going to say even while I’m saying it. So I tend to try to go back and reword what I’ve already said. This usually just confuses (and annoys) the other person.

I’ll also just wait until it is too late. Like, when I had a crush on this guy in college. He knew that I liked him, but I never told him. And I waited until I dropped out and went back to visit some friends before telling him that. I think it was easier because I wouldn’t have to stick around and be reminded every day of what a fool I was.

Now I find myself doing practically the same thing. There is stuff that I want to tell my friend that is important for me to get out. It’s just the idea of the words leaving my mouth that proves too frightening for me to actually follow through with doing so. I was going to wait right up until he was leaving (he is moving back to Spain in a few months) to talk to him, but I know that is doing what I always do. I suspect he already knows what it is that I’m going to say, but I still have say it for myself. Because, while I don’t regret anything I’ve done in my life, I will regret not doing something.

So I’ve told him that I have to talk to him and that I’m having trouble doing so whenever the opportunity presents itself. Now, until Wednesday night, I’m probably going to feel really anxious. I also know that it isn’t going to be as horrific an experience as I think it could be and that my anxiety isn’t necessary. But not feeling nervous is a lot easier said than done.

Sunday, June 11, 2006

Like It Or Not II

I've done a little bit more to this piece, and, since I'm showing you different stages of the drawing from start to completion, I thought I would show you the progress I've made so far.

Before (left)/Now (right)

Saturday, June 10, 2006

I'm Better

WAMU (Washing Mutual for those who don't bank there) has switched from Visa to MasterCard, so I got my new debit card in the mail today. Apparently, it isn't just any old debit card. It is a GOLD debit card. I don't quite know what the difference is, but I can only assume that I'm now better than all of you out there that have a normal one. What else could it possibly mean?

Oh, and I finally got Apple to replace my old iPod. I've been in three times before to get it repaired since it keeps freezing up on me. The first time, a cute "genius" (as they are called) told me that I could send in for a replacement for $40. I was strapped for cash that week and asked if I could return the following weekend after I got paid. He said sure. When I returned, a different "genius" told me that he could not replace it since it was working now and the guy I spoke w/ the previous weekend had not made notes stating that I would be returning the following week (not much a genius now is he?). It froze a third time and I went in yet again, and was told by the cute "genius" that it was most likely due to my anti-virus software. So, fast forward another month, and my iPod's warranty is up. So I'm out jogging today and at the halfway mark, it freezes up. Thankfully, the Apple Store is on my route, so I stopped in. The cute "genius" remembered me and agreed that my iPod was pretty much FUBAR. So I sign some papers and he hands me an iPod. I go to hand him my GOLD debit card, and he flashes me a smile and says, "I've taken care of it."

A friend of mine asked if I got his number since it seems to me like he was possibly flirting, but, sadly, I did not. I'm not that smooth. I don't even know for sure if he was flirting, or, for that matter, if he really hooked me up or if all replacements are free if they are in stock at the store (although he did tell me the first time that it would be $40). Besides, unless I know for a fact that they are gay, I will never risk the embarrasment of asking someone out again. Five years ago, my best friend (the one in Houston) convinced me that Whole Foods Guy (this guy I had a crush on...try to guess where he worked) had been "totally checking [me] out" when I went through his line once. So, foolishly, I built up enough balls to go back to the store and ask him out. I was only able to get "Would you like to..." out before I saw that look of horror on his face. I quickly apologized and dashed out.

But back to the whole GOLD card thing. Is it a coincidence that all the times I tried to get a replacement and couldn't, I had my normal debit card. But now that I have my GOLD debit card, I suddenly get it replaced (and for free!)? I think not. I have a feeling that things are only going to get better for me from here on out.

Yep, I know you bitches wish you were me right now!

Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Playing The Gay Card

I'm being lazy this evening and just stealing a post from Hypoxic. Actually, I think he stole it, too. But I digress...

The picture - that says so very much about the Republican strategy - is from dondon's blog. It's awesome!

Courtesy of Karl Rove, President Bush and the Republicans have, as expected, trotted out the gay card to help energize their radical religious right base before the November elections. The only time that Bush and Company talk about gay marriage is just before an election. The same for abortion rights. Once the election is won, they all but forget about it. I don't think this strategy will work for them this time.

Even the anti-gay religious Conservatives can see it for what it is. As reported in a recent LA Times article ...

"The campaign against gay marriage is scheduled to get the full White House treatment on Monday - words from President Bush in front of assembled VIPs and a bank of television cameras. Such a carefully staged production aims to confer the grandeur of the office on the push for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage. But even before administration officials announced the event, some invitees denounced it as a sham. "I'm going to go and hear what he says, but we already know it is a ruse," said Joe Glover, president of the Family Policy Network, which opposes gay marriage. "We're not buying it. We're going to go and watch the dog-and-pony show, [but] it's too little, too late." Such comments have raised the prospect that the debate over gay marriage,— designed to galvanize one of Bush's most important constituencies, social conservatives.— could instead exacerbate the president's political headaches".

I think most will see the attempt for what it is - pure political opportunism ... nothing more, nothing less. Hopefully, it will not have a significant impact on the turnout for the November elections (if you are not yet registered to vote, click on the icon to the right and get registered today - before you forget).

But having said that, I never, repeat NEVER, underestimate Karl Rove. I think his current strategy is to unit the major U.S. religions on this issue in an effort to get them to turn out their members in November. I don't think he can do it (I'm not sure the religions can do it) , but I know that he is working hard behind the scenes to do just that.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Travelin' Thru

I have the opportunity to cash in some of my stock options at work, and I’m going to do it. Some of you would never even consider it, but I’m in need of a vacation. Now, you’re probably saying, “but Jeff, you just took one two weekends ago!” No, I did not. I took a trip to a family function. Unless I have no obligations other than relaxing, I don’t consider it a vacation…especially if family is involved.

Depending on how much I can get back, I am actually considering taking two trips. In August, I’m planning on spending a few days in Boston. I have a couple friends there that I’ve known for a few years that I would love to finally meet in person. I have also never been to Boston, but it looks like a beautiful city. It’s also rich with history, so I’m eager to experience that aspect, as well.

In October (already a busy month with my sister’s wedding and my best friend’s move to Spain), I may be headed for my favourite city, NYC! Rocco, my aforementioned best friend, has never been, and he is considering going with me. Since I haven’t been in over two years and I’ve had to push back my move, it is time to go. Now all I have to do is find someone that will let us crash at their place so I don’t have to pay for an expensive hotel.

Okay, I’m off to bed.

Sweet dreams!

Sunday, June 04, 2006

Mr. Fabulous?

Nope, I'm not referring to the guy I met Friday night. He's a nice guy, but not bf least not for me. We'd be bumping tacos, and, besides, I want a more masculine guy. But I digress...I haven't posted new music in a while, so I thought it was about time.

Last night, in between naps (the entire day was spent in bed, except for trips to the restroom, of course), I stumbled onto a new band while surfing the world wide web. Men, Women & Children are a new band that are disco fabulous electro pop. The most obvious comparison is Scissor Sisters. If you like that band, there’s a good chance you’ll find yourself enjoying this one. The song I have playing is “Who Found Mr. Fabulous?” It is from their self-titled debut album. I hope you enjoy it.

Project Vote Smart

Thursday, June 01, 2006

Things Have Changed

After my last break up in January, I decided on two things. I was going to pursue my dream of moving to NYC and I wasn’t going to date (at least not until I moved). There were two determining factors in my second choice. I had just gone through a break up with the first person I truly loved, and I also didn’t want another relationship to get in my way of making it to NYC.

Fast forward five months later, and I have decided that I am going to leave myself open to dating. I’m not going to pursue it, but I’m not going to close myself off to it.

Why have I brought this up, you ask? Tomorrow night I’m going out drinking with Adam. No, silly, it isn’t a date. I am; however, going to be meeting up with this guy that I’ve been talking to on Myspace for the past couple of months. We were supposed to meet two weeks ago, but it just didn’t work out. Then I was out of town this past weekend, so we agreed to finally meet tomorrow. And this meeting is far from a date, nor do I think that this is going to turn into anything more than a friendship. I guess I’m just nervous because the possibility of something more developing is there now. Had we met two weeks ago, the only possibility would have been a friendship. Now I’d be open to a date…assuming we hit it off in that way, of course.

Honestly, being open to dating is something that I hadn’t planned on feeling like doing this soon. It’s funny how one small detail can totally change your entire perspective on things. Where once I was completely hung up on someone, I’m now finding myself being able to move on. Besides, loving someone that doesn’t love you back just plain sucks, so I’m happy to be moving on.