Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Like I Birthed You From Some Greasy Crevice On My Underside

I know that I have been absent for a couple weeks, but here come the excuses! Work has been busier and more draining than usual. My mother was in town for a few days. My laptop is nearing the end of its run and has essentially become a desktop. And my dog at my homework. But now I'm back...somewhat. Unfortunately, I am traveling for work and do not have access to my extensive collection of music; therefore, I am unable to post newer music. As a result, I'll be taking the NBC route and presenting a "it's new to you" song from a band that I've previously posted about here.

The Tom Fun Orchestra is, apparently, "the world's premier Vaudevillian Cluster Rock ensemble featuring an ambitious mix of electric and acoustic instruments and enough skilled musicians on stage to intimidate even the largest crowds." In other words, think of them as Canada's answer to Gogol Bordello...only without the accent. I posted their most accessible song, Watchmaker, back a while ago. After I wore that song out, the band's other songs became lost in the immense number of new songs that have been coming my way. The other day, though, I felt compelled to revisit their music and was reminded of just how interesting their work is. That's why I'm posting their song When You Were Mine. It may take a few listens, so give it a chance.

For additional songs and tour dates (sadly, none in the U.S.), visit them on MySpace.

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